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Kathie Bluejacket

Kathie has been with 2 successful business brokerages in Colorado for the past 14 years. She's a pro on how to match buyers and sellers together for a common goal. She has listed and sold a large volume of various business opportunities from as low as $100K to over $4 million.

Some of the business opportunities that she has listed and sold are:

*Manufacturing * Liquor stores * Restaurants * Bars * Transportation companies * Dog grooming * Auto repair centers * Distribution centers* Bakeries* Electrical contracting companies * Cafes * Drywall Companies * Childcare centers * Service stations/Convenience stores * Gift shops * HVAC *Roofing companies * Equipment rental * Retail clothing stores * Towing companies * Orthodontist Businesses

She enjoys business opportunity selling, marketing and closing and have an excellent reputation for following up on any business that she is either selling or listing. She has learned through the years how to negotiate business opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

20 + Years of Quality Service

Patrick Scheetz

Patrick is a Colorado Native who brings over 29 years of real estate experience to eXp Realty and investor relations and business consulting to Infinite Ideas Consulting as the Senior Business Consultant. He is well connected with large Family Offices, private investors, hedge funds, lenders, banks, credit unions, insurance companies and other institutional investors.

The team of 12 people has vast experience in many industries to include commercial and residential real estate, business brokerage, commercial sales and lending, mining, investing, manufacturing and technology. Patrick is very results driven, helping companies with massive growth and profitability, for both domestic and international expansion. He has managed or is currently assisting projects with transaction values ranging from $1 million to $150 million.


29 + Years of Quality Service

Patrick Scheetz

Professional Business Brokers

Professional Business Brokers
Every year, 25% of businesses change ownership due to various reasons: retirement, relocation, family illness, etc.
As business brokers, the EXP Realty and EXP Commercial brokers team provide services relating to the following:

* Business Valuation
* Business Sales & Marketing
* Specialized Contracts
* Asset Sales
* Financial Assessment
* Strategic Partnership Alignment
* Marketing & Promotion
* Vendor Relations & Contract Negotiations
* Energy and Business Consulting
Business Brokerage
* Tax Savings

Hire us as your Business Broker!

The Front Range of Colorado


* Colorado Springs


* Denver Metro

* Castle Rock

* Pueblo


Where areas do we cover?


How do we value a property?

We analyze every business

5 different ways

* Method 1 - SDE (Seller's Discretionary Earnings)
* Method 2 - CE (Capitalization of Earnings)
* Method 3 - WAGS (Weighted Average of Gross Sales)
* Method 4 - BFG (Rules of thumb from a large book called the Business Reference Guide)
* Method 5 - EBITA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes and Amortization)

* If commercial real estate is involved, we do a comprehensive CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) to determine the value of the real estate

* There is completely two different agreements, one for the business and one for the real estate. A title company closes the real estate, and an attorney closes the business.

Number 1 in many top categories


* No. 1 Independent - eXp was ranked the No.1 Public Independent in the U.S. by transaction sides, ending 2022 with 397,138 units.

*No. 1 Sides - eXp closed on 397,138 sides in 2022.
*No. 1 Top Mover: Sides - eXp closed on 397,138 sides in 2022, which is an 11.67% increase over 2021's sides of 355,627.

*No. 1 Top Mover: Volume - eXp was ranked No. 1 for the largest increase in sales volume from 2022 to 2023, going from $132,000,000,000 in volume to $159,135,775,183, which is an increase of 20.5%.
*No. 4 Volume - eXp closed on $159,135,775,183 in sales volume in 2022.
*No. 4 Billionaires - eXp World Holdings and its Founder and CEO, Glenn Sanford, were named to the Billionaires' Club by being ranked with at least $1 billion of closed sales volume in 2022.

real estate

Why use eXp Realty?

real estate

Why use eXp Realty?

International Powerhouse 23 Countries


*United Kingdom
*South Africa



*Puerto Rico
*Hong Kong

*Dominican Republic

*New Zealand

Capital Gains

*Capital Gains are the excess money that you made from your base that you bought it from to the amount you are selling it at.

* Capital gain is the increase in the value of a capital asset when it is sold. A capital gain occurs when you sell an asset for more than what you originally paid for it.

* Almost any type of asset you own is a capital asset. This can include a type of investment (like a stock, bond, a business or real estate) or something purchased for personal use (like furniture or a boat).

* Capital gains are realized when you sell an asset by subtracting the original purchase price from the sale price. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) taxes individuals on capital gains in certain circumstances.


What are Capital Gains?


What are my Tax Options on Capital Gains?

Capital Gains Options

Option 1: Pay the taxes due the government on the capital gains. The amount can be from 0 to 23.5%.

Option 2: 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange (1031 TDE) - Very restrictive time allowance of 45 days to identify your next property and 180 days to close it and you have to buy another property.

Option 3: Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) - Usually completed with a 721 Exchange.

Option 4: Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ)

Option 5: Specialized Trust (ST)

patrick scheetz

Patrick Scheetz


(719) 930-8133

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Kathie Bluejacket


You can’t work forever, call Patrick and Kathie to buy or sell a business.

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